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Berthing Objective

The objective of the Berthing Booking and Confirmation Process for Cruise vessels is to provide well-defined, transparent and non-discriminatory guidelines for the allocation of berths at the Port of Roenne, based on vessel pre-notification, arrival and administrative compliances.

The Berthing Policy will be applicable from 2016 on; Port of Roenne reserves itself the right to modify it each year.

Berth Booking Procedure:

1. New reservation requests must be sent by email to Niels.lundberg@roennehavn.dk; Cc: vagt@roennehavn.dk

2. All call requests will be confirmed (without allocating a specific berth) after availability of a free berth has been checked.

3. The allocation of the specific berth will be announced by April 30th for the upcoming season.

Berth Allocation Procedure:

Port of Roenne can confirm a berth at the following facilities:

·         Krydstogtskajen pier 31/32: LOA 250 m – Depth 9m – Welcome terminal – Free Shuttle

·         Tværmolen pier 22/23: LOA 130 m – Depth 7m – Welcome terminal – Free shuttle

·         Kulkajen pier 13: LOA 160m – Depth 7m – 900 m to city center

·         Tender pontoon pier 9 – Depth 5,5m 300 m to city center

Berthing Criteria:

In case of multiple booking for the same date and berth in Port of Roenne, priority will be given according to the following criteria:

- Vessel size and maximum passenger capacity (registered lower berth capacity)

Further Policies:

- If a ship already confirmed is substituted by another ship of the same cruise line but of different characteristic (i.e. less GT, less passengers or weakening in deployment type), the reservation is still valid but the specific berth may be changed.

- To ensure fairness, transparency and good business practices, Port of Rønne will not tolerate or accept the practice of an individual cruise line making call requests simultaneously to two or more ports for the same ship for the same date.

- All laws and regulations in force at Port of Rønne shall remain applicable for that is not specified in this regulation.